book_Society30A new order is presenting itself. It may still be an undercurrent, but maybe that is the best way to grow. We see more and more people who have clearly chosen how they want to go about with themselves, their environment and other people. We call it Society 3.0!

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SPECIAL: World Forum for Democracy

Turning Points – Interview With Mohammed Al Saud

I will be interviewing a series of people that will be talking about the turning points that made them who they are now. The...

Learn Before You Vote!

Aušrinė Diržinskaitė is only 22 years old and already having an impact on the involvement of young people in politics and accountability of politicians....


Sharing Cities: A Case For Truly Smart And Sustainable Cities

Post by Martijn Arets At the OuiShare Fest 2016 in Paris I interviewed Duncan McLaren, author of ‘Sharing Cities: A case for truly smart and...

The Future Of (Freelance) Work – Interview With Sara Horowitz

Interview by Martijn Arets At the OuiShareFest in Paris I interviewed Sara Horowitz, executive director of the Freelancers Union about the future of work. Check the video...


FEBRUARY 28, 2017 - 19:30 - 21:30 A Roadmap to Society 3.0: A gift for the residents of the city of Utrecht. This spring opens SIFUtrecht in the former Staffhorst building its doors. As new residents of this place we like...
Rami Essaid, co-founder, and CEO of Distil Networks, a cyber security company, criticizes Donald Trump's strict entry ban on people from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Essaid appeals to Trump's family history and describes how the entry ban applies to his own family.
If there’s one lesson from 2016 that we should take with us as a starting point, it’s that our current governance structures are no longer serving us.
Grab what you want and walk out. The retail giant Amazon is coming to London after launching its first Amazon Go store in Seattle. Customers can walk in, grab what they want and just walk out.
On the 31st of March 2017, Best-selling author Joe Pine (“The Experience Economy”, “Authenticity”, “Infinite Possibility”) will host a masterclass in Utrecht (The Netherlands) about how retail companies can offer transformative experiences as a product and get more customers out of it (*).