1 Million Seats Booked At Seats2meet.com


Flextime working is the daily bread of both entrepreneurs and employers. Out of this aspect, Seats2meet.com was created.

Since the opening of the first location at Utrecht Central Station in 2007, there were more than 60 active locations worldwide in 2015 including the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Egypt, Japan and India. Since the launch of the new online booking system about three years ago, which was focusing on connecting people on personal knowledge, a new milestone has been achieved since the introduction of this system: Seats2meet.com has finally achieved one million booked seats. Thus, an historic border has been broken.


Seats2meet.com offers both entrepreneurs as well corporate flex workers a business meeting market with access to innovative workplaces and meeting rooms, where they can easily connect and collaborate with others. Founder Ronald van den Hoff says “Since the first day we were working every day on our mission to bring everyone together to let them share knowledge and to acquaint them with the work of the future – or as we call it Society 3.0. The fact that today the millionth seat has been booked seat shows once again that our innovative formula works and that we are changing the market not only on paper but also in practice. This year more Seats2meet locations will be opened including France, Lithuania, and Brazil. We have just begun!“ says Ronald van den Hoff (founder of Seats2meet.com and founding father of Society 3.0).

Share knowledge through Seats2meet Connect

Last Monday during the Global Conference Seats2meet Connect was launched. With this new knowledge platform, we are working on the world’s largest knowledge network. Through this tool, the supply and demand of knowledge can be brought together. Co-founder Marielle Sijgers: “It is fantastic to see how all the knowledge is mapped in a relevant way and is then used to introduce people to each other. Recent research by Associate Professor Vareska of Vrande Erasmus University showed that a third of respondents had a valuable meeting with the help of Seats2meet, which led to a collaboration. In addition, 1 in 8 entrepreneurs has been offered a paid job or a new job kept from working at a Seats2meet location. We are very proud of this high score”.

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