Working as an entrepreneur is not always easy. Sometimes, the workload can be overwhelming – especially when you have to schedule it yourself. Therefore, we have 10 tips on how to motivate yourself:

1. Use your imagination

If you think of what you want to achieve and if you already have the finished project on your mind, it might be easier for you to get started on your project.

 2. Think positive!

Do not think of why you cannot do it. You can! The reason why you are working on this project or this task is that you have the expertise and the skills. Otherwise, you would not need to do it.

 3. Set a fixed date

It is very important to set a fixed date. If you do not work steadily on your project it will be even more difficult. Just try to get as much done as you can beforehand. Then you still have enough time to work on it before the set deadline.


 4. Brainstorm

Nothing is as important as brainstorming. People sometimes do not know how many great ideas they can create with certain terms, which just appear while brainstorming. Therefore, make use of post-it notes or just a simple paper and write down everything that pops up in your mind.

 5. Clean up

Brainstorming does not always work and (let’s face it) we cannot force ourselves to work if we do not want to. Small tip: Just clean up your house, office or desk to get the work off your mind for a short period of time. Afterward, you can work further in a clean office with a clean mind.

 6. Take the easy tasks first

Usually, people tend to work on the difficult tasks first, because they want to „reward“ themselves with the simpler tasks in the end. Of course, everybody can do it the way they want, but we would recommend you to take the easy tasks first. If you have the feeling that you have already achieved something the tasks that seemed more difficult in the beginning might be easier in the end.

 7. Review your success

You have already done a lot! If you think of what you have already achieved in the past it might be another motivational factor.

 8. Surround yourself with like-minded people

Open spaces such as are the perfect opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded people. By having a like-minded person it is possible to support and learn from each other.

9. Reward yourself

Set yourself small goals and reward yourself with a nice movie or a delicious cup of tea after achieving them. If you are looking forward to something the project might be done faster than you would expect.

 10. Don’t compare yourself

It is good to work together with others. However, never start comparing yourself to others. You are who you are and this is good! Just because someone seems to be „perfect“ in what he/she is doing you can never know. There is definitely something that you can do better. Not everybody can be the best in everything. Just be yourself and give your best.


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