The 4 Reasons Why You Should Become An Entrepreneur


Why should you become an entrepreneur? Here are the four main reasons:

1. Work where you like

You can decide where you want to work. Work from home, at the beach or from any other place in the world. You are in charge of the workplace, which is an excellent alternative to typical offices with a chair and a desk.

2. Work when you want

You have complete freedom. You can work with your schedule. This does not only mean that you can make the work fit your rhythm, but you can also set priorities. Take time for your family or do other things you like.

3. Work with whom you want

When you are an entrepreneur, you can work with whom you like. You do not have to deal with people you do not want or that you just cannot work with.

4. Work how you like

If you become an entrepreneur, you can do whatever you want. Of course, you have to keep your own business in mind. If something goes wrong, you get all the blame. Still, you get all the glory as well when you are a successful entrepreneur. Another important aspect is the job security. No boss might fire you. You are your own boss!

According to Docstoc articles, the Freelance Market is at a Glance. Due to computers, the independent work from home has been made easier. Therefore, between 20% and 33% of the U.S. workforce is made up of freelancers and independent workers. In 1989 it was only 6%.

There are a lot of benefits for independent workers e.g. the salary. 15% of the freelancers reported that they earn at least 100$ an hour. Besides that, 46% say that they have more free time. 57%  of the freelancers say that they feel more secure. Nevertheless, the most important aspect is happiness. Over 70% say that they feel happier than they did as a full-time employee.



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