About Society 3.0

Our society is changing and you need to be part of that. We want to give you the stories, showcases and in depth articles to inspire you about Society 3.0. In the world as we see it, access is more important than ownership. That means that we are more than willing to share our stories with you. We have written our vision down in the book Society 3.0 and are contributing to that on a daily basis with this magazine. As we speak new social and technical developments are born. Our book has an end, but the ideas of a Society 3.0 do not stop there. Recent developments, discussions, unexpected relevant meeting of people take place here! On this platform, the content of the book is evaluated, contradicted, deepened and extended. To inspire you we work with snapshots of news who we think are interesting to share with you. Well-known authors and new media journalists will share this with you. Do you have anything to add? You are more than welcome to participate.

A vision, a search, a roadmap to the new world!

A new order is presenting itself. It may still be an undercurrent, but maybe that is the best way to grow. We see more and more people who have clearly chosen how they want to go about with themselves, their environment and other people.

They are the people we call global citizens: people of the new world. These Society 3.0 citizens cannot and will not deal with the thinking of the establishment anymore. They want to add value in their work and life in a significantly different way, namely by creating value instead of growth. We think these global citizens – who are increasing in number daily – are the pillars, which support Society 3.0. Hundreds of millions of people of the world move around without restraints, literally unbounded, across borders all over our world. Sometimes they do this physically, but more often they do so digitally through out the Internet: the World Wide Web. These people of the world are no longer bound to old organizations. They have organized themselves in virtual social networks. They have started to create value in a different way. They do not work according to a formal organizational structure. They guide themselves. They are themselves. Their social connections show great creative vitality and unleash an enormous amount of energy. From within their self-awareness they respect the individuality of anybody. People of the world of Society30 are not after personal enrichment at the expense of others. They share; they are prepared to do a lot for someone else, without always expecting a monetary reward. They reinvent society and create all kind of new, fair and sustainable business models. We think it is both exciting and fun to be such a person, a Knowmad of the world of Society 3.0.

Society 3.0 Foundation

The Society 3.0 Foundation aims to assist people and organizations on their way to Society 3.0. Especially on projects where traditional bounderies block innovation, the Society 3.0 Foundation helps people and organizations to overcome political-, legal- and mental barriers.

We try to achieve our goals by:

  • Matching and connecting people.
  • Sharing knowledge, by publishing books, blogs, articles and the publication platform Society 3.0.
  • sharing physical & virtual spaces, through the services of our sister company Seats2meet.com.
  • Micro funding & loans. (We are no Angel Investors or Venture Capitalists)

The Society 3.0 Foundation was established in response to the book ‘society 3.0’ written by Ronald van den Hoff. Not just any book, but a story that his vision of valuable reciprocity between entrepreneurship and community displays. A vision that believes in the principle of asynchronous reciprocity. The fact that when you give away something you always get this back again sometime. Maybe not in sync with the person to whom you have given something, but at least someone in your value network. We like to share the story of Society 3.0 with everyone!

Want to contribute to this objective of the Society Foundation 3.0? Then donate directly to bank account NL56ABNA0561134367. The proceeds of the physical book will go to the Society 3.0 Foundation as well. 


Foundation Society30
Moreelsepark 65
3511 EP Utrecht

Chairman: Ronald van den Hoff

Bank account NL56ABNA0561134367
Chamber of Commerce 52127133

Digitally certified extract of the Chamber of Commerce Registration (Download)