Supermarket 2.0: Amazon Go Enters The UK


The retail giant Amazon is coming to London after launching its first Amazon Go store in Seattle.

Grab what you want and walk out

Customers can walk in, grab what they want and walk out. According to The Times, Amazon is looking at about two dozen sites in central London to open stores – and it will become significant competition for Lidl, Aldi, and Tesco for sure.

Supermarket 2.0 – or even 3.0

With thousands of cameras and sensors, Amazon Go tracks what item you pick up and only charges you when you leave the store. You might feel like a shoplifter, but this idea is a huge cost-saver in comparison to traditional supermarkets. Saving the costs for expensive staff, Amazon either creates a more successful concept of supermarkets or undercuts its rivals – or just both. Especially people who already love convenience food will like this even more convenient supermarket concept.

Check out the following video to see how Amazon Go works:


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