Appreciative Inquiry As Practice For Co-Creating Society 3.0


Non-profit or social profit? Deadline or birthline?

Around the world, appreciative inquiry has become well known as the strength based change method that enables people in organizations to co-create and co-own magnificent qualitative and quantitative improvements. It takes in-depth artistic and artful skills and attitude of the process designers and facilitators to lead ‘the whole system in the room’ through discovering powerful experiences, dreaming of desirable futures, designing magnetic action plans and realizing sustainable results. It’s a magic approach, described in various thoroughly written text books, guides and practical examples.

Appreciative inquiry addresses a human art, involving conversational craftsmanship. It takes specific, carefully chosen words, questions, gestures and of course deep listening to help conversations being generative, appreciative and empowering. The good news is that the instrument called language is in reach of everybody on our planet. Imagine everyone would encounter his or her fellow citizen ‘the AI way’… together building the sharing Society 3.0.

Please try this at home!

AI-book coverA new book is on its way. It’s called Appreciative Inquiries of the 3.0 Kind – Practices for Human Wholeness and Personal Wellness. The book is intended to invite and support our fellow citizens to contribute to a better world. It consists of more than 100 accessible ‘appreciative inquiries’ based on the authors daily experiences in studying, applying and sharing AI practices. With only one purpose: please try this at home!

*** From May 1st, you will be supplied one new ‘appreciative inquiry’ a day. ***

*** You can pre-order the book on  *** 




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