On Monday the 3rd of April 2017, Australia’s first Sharing Hub finally opened its doors in Sydney.

The Sharing Hub was founded by the sharing economy entrepreneurs Mike Rosenbaum (co-founder of Spacer.com), Will Davies (chief and co-founder of Car Next Door), Steve Orenstein (chief and co-founder of Zoom2U) and Alexis Soulopoulos (chief and co-founder of Mad Paws), who already worked with Australia’s most innovative peer-to-peer platforms.

The aim of the Sharing Hub is to accelerate the life cycle of young and disruptive startups shaping the industry and to provide a space for entrepreneurs.

Recent statistics have shown that the sharing economy in Australia had grown by more than $1 billion last year.

28 startups joined the facility, which was opened by Minister of Innovation and Better regulation. The Sharing Hub will provide training, mentorship and investment opportunities, and a physical working space. Besides, there will be “a series of events to teach how the gig economy can help business and consumers utilise idle assets and services,” said Rosenbaum. According to Soulopoulos, “there is endless potential to enable peer-to-peer exchanges through technology.”

Founders of Australian sharing economy start-ups are bullish about their industry’s future, sharing a vision to grow collaborative consumption in Australia by 20X by 2025.