Be My Eyes enables blind or low vision people to lead a more independent life by giving them access to a network of sighted volunteers.

The founder of the app, Hans Jørgen Wiberg, wanted to make a global network of volunteers available to blind or low vision people through a live video connection. Be My Eyes functions as a tool for blind and low vision folks and is available at any time, in any place. 

By the tap of a button, people can get connected to a sighted volunteer, who is ready to provide them with visual assistance for the task at hand. By that, it is possible to request assistance at any time of the day, from anywhere – for free.

It’s my hope that by helping each other as an online community, Be My Eyes will make a big difference in the everyday lives of blind people all over the world.” – Hans Jørgen Wiberg, Founder of Be My Eyes

There are many situations where a pair of friendly eyes can be helpful. For many users, the app comes in handy in an unfamiliar environment when one might need directions. Here are 10 common ways people are using Be My Eyes:

  1. Finding lost or dropped items
  2. Describing pictures, paintings or other pieces of artwork
  3. Reading labels on household products
  4. Reading on computer screens if websites are inaccessible or screen readers are not available
  5. Familiarizing yourself with new places

Having immediate access to a volunteer means more options: It eliminates waiting for or relying on a sighted peer for visual assistance and proves to have a wide range of use.

Want to become a volunteer? Then download the app for iOS or Android.

For more information, you can visit Be My Eyes on Facebook and Twitter.