BBC’s Bestiary Of Business Terms


Have you ever heard of the terms “Alligator Spread,” “Bear Market” or “Dragon Bonds”? In case you didn’t, you should check BBC’s A-Z of Business Beasts and explore their bestiary of business terms.

Alligator Spread: When an investor will never be able to make a profit on the transactions they make. This is because the charges involved are higher than the profit made.

Not only will you know what “Alligator Spread” means, but it will also help you to survive in the world of finance, where it helps to tell your bear markets from bull markets and narwhals from unicorns. It’s a jungle out there!

Society 3.0’s Top 5 Business Beasts are:

Fat Cat 😺 : Calling someone a fat cat is often used to describe a rich and greedy person who owns lots of assets and uses the work of others to get even richer.

Iron Butterfly 🦋 : An iron butterfly is a limited-risk, limited profit trading strategy.

Lame Duck 🦆 : Makes for easy prey. It refers to an individual or company that cannot keep up with the rest of the market.

Unicorn 🦄  : Used to describe start-ups that have grown from nothing to be worth at least $1bn.

Wolf of Wall Street 🐺 : A suave investor.

For more information visit BBC News.


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