Society 3.0



    Society 3.0: Mastering the Global Transition on Our Way to the Next Step in Human Evolution investigates the myriad of financial crises plaguing our society today, as well as their effects on the future of work and education. Ronald van den Hoff also describes the need for (and emergence of) a knowledge- driven civilization, marked by accelerating change, value networks, and “knowmads,” the nomadic knowledge workers of the future. Monetizing on the Mesh is the final theme explored in this book. Open value networks replace value chains, reality and virtuality are blurring. People get what they need from each other and may go around your organization, unless the crowd becomes part of your organization. Business models are changing. How do you connect with potential clients who may never become paying clients in the end? What is social capital? How do you create sustainable monetization with your own Mesh?


    0 Mastering the global transition on our way to Society 3.0
    1 A revolution is always the conclusion of decadence
    1.1 A decadent society: the end of Europe as we know it
    1.2 Europe: the zombie shopping mall
    1.3 Stuck? Move your a..!
    1.4 Our mission: access is more important than possession; the personal is global
    1.5 Note from the author
    2. The zombie state of our society
    2.1 All good things end. Or is it business as usual?
    2.2 Industrial Revolution: reinvention of society
    2.3 An organization is a simple pyramid
    2.4 Grow to grow, until you no longer fit reality! But who really cares?
    2.5 Quangos
    2.6 A society in transition: disruptions, our Armageddon, or...?
    3. A revolution is born
    3.1 The start: Web 1.0
    3.2 Web 1.0 becomes Web 2.0, the social Web
    3.3 Communicative self-steering
    3.4 Organizing without organizations and the introduction of social capital
    3.5 (Web) collaboration
    3.6 Social cohesion, the Web, and 3D printing contribute to a groundswell
    3.7 From network connections to value networks
    3.8 Valuable leadership
    3.9 New leaders, new organizations
    3.10 The power of social networks: introduction
    3.11 Different networks, different people, different friendships
    3.12 Is mine bigger than yours? Connect!
    3.13 The strategic composition of my network
    3.13 The strategic composition of my network
    3.14 How (real time) relevant are my network friends?
    3.15 There is still the matter of reliability
    4 Society30: what was and can be; the authors intermezzo.
    4.1 A new playing field
    4.2 The interdependent economy
    4.3 The rules of the game in the interdependent and collaborative economy
    4.4 Economic growth & The Mesh
    4.5 Growth of the economy, but not of the GNP?
    4.6 The stars of the interdependent economy: you and me!
    5 Environment 3.0
    5.1 Politicians and civil servants: ask the 'why' question!
    5.2 Overproduction: why too much?
    5.3 Clean(er) energy
    5.4 Free land in exchange for self-sufficient energy
    5.5 We will no longer work in offices and offices will no longer work
    5.6 Houses as castles
    5.7 City development: again, use the abundance, not the scarcity.
    6 Work 3.0 & more
    6.1 Solidarity? By choice, not enforced
    6.2 The role of the organization
    6.3 Generation Y and the senior employee
    6.4 Knowmads: the new employee is a non-employee
    6.5 Coworking
    6.6 Suppliers and clients become co-workers
    7 Money 3.0
    7.1 Banking has to become more simple...even boring!
    7.2 Alternative banking services
    7.3 Peer-to-peer lending
    7.4 Alternative currency systems
    7.5 A currency unit?
    8 Democracy 3.0
    8.1 Ask the turkey...
    8.2 Relationship between government & public: open data, closed Internet
    8.3 More privacy issues
    8.4 Facebook, the Internet as drugs, and who has the (copy)rights?
    8.5 Taxes 3.0
    9 Education 3.0
    9.1 Life time learning?!
    9.2 How do we learn?
    9.3 A passionate vision
    10 Health 3.0
    10.1 Hospitals or prevention?
    11 A revolution on the move: mobility, real time, and 3.0
    11.1 More about Mobility, 3rd Spaces, and Big Data
    11.2 Via the stratosphere to Singularity & Web 4.0.
    11.3 The road to Society 3.0: is the ultimate goal in sight?
    12 Organization 3.0
    12.1 Human Transformation as economic value
    12.2 Value chain, or rather profit chain?
    12.3 The rise of value networks
    12.4 The dynamic balance of the value network
    12.5 The Mesh. How to create your own...
    12.6 More on value networks, new workers, and the organization, SEE
    12.7 How to become an open organization.
    12.8 The real-time organization
    12.9 The fundamentals of the Organization 3.0: N=1, R=G...
    12.10 The Long Tail & the Long Snout
    12.11 Nothing beats FREE
    12.12 Reciprocity needs a network.
    12.13 What do the guru's say?
    12.14 What do your stakeholders say?
    12.15 My vision of the Organization 3.0
    12.16 The Organization 3.0 model
    13 Leadership 3.0 is mastery
    13.1 Leaders & vision: inseparable
    13.2 Leaders enable, connect, and engage
    14 Culture of the Organization 3.0
    14.1 Organization 3.0 has a learning culture
    14.2 The disruptive bypass: the organization bypasses itself!
    14.3 A social enterprise named Appreciative Inquiry
    15 Doing business in Society 3.0: Transactional, Social or both, an introduction
    15.1 Social and transactional business, Concept 3.0
    15.2 Business models in historic perspective
    16 Social Business Concepting
    16.1 Paid or earned media?
    16.2 Big Data on a corporate level
    16.3 More social stuff...
    16.4 Social media guidelines
    16.5 Storytelling
    16.6 Branding
    16.7 Personal branding
    16.8 Stakeholder engagement by gamification.
    17 Transactional business concepting
    16.9 Social media strategy
    17.1 Co-creation
    17.2 Co-creation: Soccer and cars...
    18 Mastering the Global Transition: a wrap-up.
    17.3 Peer production & mass collaboration: wikinomics
    17.4 Good things come in small packages, or in big ones!
    17.5 More on brands: co-branding & brand detachment
    17.6 Transactional business connecting: conclusion.
    18.1 Conclusion: the opportunity, the change
    18.2 Conclusion: network value creation
    18.3 Conclusion: the organization
    18.4 Conclusion: as The Serendipity Machine.
    19 The not-very-famous last words: it is 2025, and I am at 42,000 feet...