One Warm Winter: Bring Social Back To Media


One Warm Winter” is probably one of the most creative awareness campaigns in recent months. German TV host Palina Rojinski (31) gave away her Instagram account for one day. She did that to draw attention to homelessness in Germany and to reduce the prejudice and lack of understanding. Roderich, a homeless from Berlin, had the opportunity to fill her Instagram account with this own pictures and to show how living as a homeless man in Berlin is like.

However, this campaign caused different reactions.

In the last six years, the number of homeless persons in Germany rose to around 335,000, which is an increase of 35%. That it is important to draw attention to these grievances is beyond all questions. That celebrities use their influence, should be seen as a matter of course. But as it has drawn attention to poverty, it had a moderating effect on people. Even though Rojinski has given her Instagram to a homeless person for one day, her account usually is filled with pictures of designer clothes and red carpet events.

Nevertheless, it might be better to point out a problem by using an unusual way than not at all. While we all sit in out warm offices and sleep our comfortable beds, there are enough homeless people who experience a rough time every day especially in the wintertime.

One can say about such an action what one wants, but one thing is sure: it generates attention and sensitizes the people. It is important not to negate the people when you pass by them and you do not always have to donate a lot of money – every cent counts.

We live in the 21st century, and therefore it is only useful to draw attention to social problems on a global platform.

The mantra therefore is: #bringsocialbacktomedia


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