1. Act like a business woman.

Project work and flat hierarchies change not only our jobs but also how we should appear. To attract attention, one must now show self-responsibility. Thus, plan tasks independently, keep an eye on processes and work continuously on strengths and weaknesses. More importantly: make use of active self-marketing. Executives can no longer assess all the competencies of the applicants. They have to rely on your self-presentation.

2. Talk well about yourself and others.

Studies show that women talk 20 times more frequently about their weaknesses and defeats than about their strengths and progress. When it comes to success, they often use ‘we’ instead of ‘I’, which is, of course, helpful for the team building, but only who talks about own performances stands out and this also applies when talking appreciably about colleagues.

3. Insist on feedback.

Especially women want to know how they affect others. Nevertheless, if it comes to an honest assessment, many seek harmony. Instead of accepting empty phrases about your work you should ask stubbornly what could be improved. However, do not adjust yourself. Authenticity is the key.

4. Say yes.

Anyone who often helps colleagues knows that neither the feeling nor the respect is lasting. The word “yes” should be dosed unless it is a question of a possible promotion.

5. Networking is everything.

Men are making alliances upwards to get on, and women tend to look for a like-minded person. Women, in particular, should form networks that promote them. Instead of always eating lunch with the same colleagues they should invite the department manager. Career works via referral marketing. Do not forget: There is a difference between making use of contacts and using people.

6. Maintain your image.

Everyone knows that Xing and LinkedIn are extremely important. However, it is crucial that you regularly update your online profile. Experts estimate that only 30 percent of the accounts are up to date.