By now, we all have probably heard things like “Hotels are just boxed filled with people that don’t know each other” and “Airbnb is a progressive company within the lines of the sharing economy that creates culturally engaging experiences”, and might not even question if it is still the case.

However, with the time being, Airbnb has shifted from having budget travel options to offering premium options and having more and more commercial offerings that lose its own character. These days, staying in an Airbnb apartment with a group of friendships became no less of isolating experience than being stuck in a hotel…

A lot of millennials still associated hotels with a luxury excess that promotes the idea of consumerism. That is close to reality since not many hotels yet shift towards more sustainable, self-service culture. But that does not mean that the trend is not there. Hotels possess a lot of resources that with the right approach can be turned into a culturally enriching experience and serve as a platform that engages local initiatives, promotes local economy and provides cultural entertainments and even spiritual practices in order to make the most out of your stay.

That is where Seats2meet can step in and offer a solution that can connect local freelancers in search of a convenient working place, to tourists and people on work trips that are staying in the same hotel. In the times where more and more people chose to stay single and travel solo, offering an online platform for connecting to others while being in the same location is a great way to help them not feel isolated while being away from home.