Looking into the future is hard. And it is fun. The BBC talked to specialists and come up with a view of a city in 2050. Some elements:

  • Instead of electric street lights, glowing trees could produce their own energy and light up the streets.
  • Forget skyscrapers – cities could be dominated by farmscrapers. Buildings would be multi-purpose and could house huge vertical farms.
  • It’s possible that only driverless cars will be allowed, zipping about on specially constructed roads with wireless power built-in.
  • As more and more people shop online, we could find items delivered immediately by helicopter-like drones.
  • Buildings will take on a life of their own, controlling their heating, lighting and security automatically.
  • We may not have specific areas in a city for businesses, manufacturing and leisure – they could all merge into one.
  • Everyone will have access to super-fast internet delivered by high-speed fibre optic cables.
  • Going to the shops may be very different in 2050. Robot assistants will help you find what you are looking for as well as performing tasks like checking shop shelves.
  • Rather than mobile phones in our pockets, we could be wearing our technology – like  Google glasses.

Watch it here