If you have ever thought “Okay, who are you and what did we talk about the last time?” you should have a closer look at Closr.

The founders of the networking app Closr have developed this app, so that gives you all sorts of background information about your contacts right before each meeting: when was the last meeting, what has been discussed here and what has happened among the participants – and much more.

To maintain contacts, the average user already has a lot of apps on his smartphone. The own contact list, social networks, and many other tools. In theory, these sources could spit out a lot of information, which provide much information interviews or business meetings. In practice, it is hard to gather all the needed information right before the meeting. Closr sets at this point and connects these sources in a contact-app, and then provides the ability to tag each meeting and expand with notes about each contact involved.


Closr: The features of the networking app at a glance                                                                                                                          

An automatic reminder

With a push of the button “Meet now” time, place and persons present are stored. Closr shows you now your notes from last time. Is it likely that you forget appointments? Closr checks all registered events in your calendar and provides automatically notes and background information before the meeting.

Intelligent contact list

The contacts in Closr can be sorted according to various criteria: place of the last meeting, the city, the job, and interests you have added to the contact.

Aggregation of social media data

The popular social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter can be linked to request directly with Closr so that the contact entries can be enriched with extra information. Closr summarizes the information obtained from social networks in addition together in a single and concise Feed.

The fine art of conversation does not end by simply knowing about the interests of the opposite – you should also do something with it. Closr uses an algorithm that uses the interests of your contacts and prepares even more information. Closr illustrates this with the example of football fans: Your interlocutor is Bayern Munich fan? Then Closr automatically pulls the latest game results. So you have always the right topic at hand.

As of August 2015 is the networking app available. The networking app Closr is currently going into the closed beta. In the coming weeks the app is going in public beta and a few weeks later the final release will be available.

Picture retrieved from www.closr.io