Co-Living: Hype Or More?


Just read a very interesting article on a development I only know as a relic from the past: Community living aka Hacker Housing. The next line in the article drew my attention:

How the current co-living movement will pan out remains to be seen. You don’t have to dig too deep into history to find communal living movements of yore that failed miserably. But if there’s anything that sets the current iteration of co-living apart, it’s this: Whereas the leaders of past utopias were focused on breaking away from society (“turn on, tune in, drop out”), modern co-living is more focused on incorporating the lifestyle into the broader world”.

So we have a new word to add to the Society30 dictionary: Co-living. We had co-working, co-creation, co-funding aka crowdsourcing, so co-living intuitively makes sense!

Read the full story here.


Picture by Nikki Burch Art.


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