Three days of interesting conversations and discussions are over. Team Boomerang is returning from Strasbourg with several new insights and acknowledgements. We are bringing back many lessons learned from the people coming from all around the globe, we met in France. In addition to visiting the Lab-sessions from different initiatives, aiming at increasing youngsters’ participation in democracy, we conducted interviews with speakers, discussants and youth representatives.

We saw that there is a lot going on in the field of participatory democracy. Initiatives often work for more use of the internet in politics and promote e-democracy. Furthermore youth parliaments gained importance in the last few years. Youngsters are willing to participate, but feel that politicians do not let them. Politicians, however, want to see more direct participation from youth; they want them to basically “kick in their doors”. We conclude that there is a need for intergenerational collaboration in democracy. We have to get away from us, young people, wanting to be heard by them; and them wanting to decide about us. In essence, it is all about cooperation between young and old. Only together it is possible to move something in a sustainable way.

After we collected the top expectations from the World Forum for Democracy 2014 in the beginning, we now asked participants for their takeaways and lessons learned from the World Forum for Democracy.