Coworking – A Business Lifestyle That Is Changing The World


The world is changing. Well, actually the world has always gone through changes, only as we get smarter and as the world speeds up, so do the changes. Nowadays we almost do not have enough time to adapt to some of them before they change again.

Everyone and everything is getting connected and our location or our environment no longer restricts us. More and more people are working online and offering their services to the global community. And it’s not just freelancers. Large companies have been using the same model and allowing or even urging people to work from their home as a way to cut their costs and improve employee satisfaction.

So what are the advantages of being a freelancer? You do what you love, and you do it on your own terms and time. Flexibility and personal freedom are key elements in this.

With the growing numbers of freelancers and people who work from homes, a new concept of work was developed – coworking. And no, coworking does not mean just working with somebody. Coworking spaces have started popping up all around the world offering freelancers and people who work outside the company a place to work, collaborate, socialize, improve, develop and even find new opportunities.

As a concept, coworking allows you to rent a desk and a chair, get access to internet and be in an environment where you will be inspired, relaxed and focused while being surrounded by talented and amazing people.

Coworking is not limited to any country and it is becoming more and more popular. Even in countries such as Serbia, where the freelance profession is still something like a taboo – meaning it is still not considered as a profession, there is an ever-growing society of online entrepreneurs who are becoming noticeable.  Coworking can be a chance for them to connect, collaborate and improve their businesses. They do not have to work alone, from their homes, but rather coworking spaces can become hubs of experience, knowledge and modern business showing everyone what the full potential of the modern world.


Balans Studio is the first coworking space in Subotica (Northern Serbia) and the second in the entire country. It has been founded with the purpose of giving everyone who works from home or a coffee shop a chance to improve their business and connect with each other. Within it, there is also an educational center, which organizes free lectures on freelancing and online business offering information to everyone interested.



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