Last week we visited the Crowdsourcingweek Europe in Copenhagen. Interviewing 20 speakers in 3 days and sharing the Crowd Expedition learnings through 2 keynotes about crowdfunding and the collaborative economy. In this last post we share the video’s of the last day about crowd technology and business models.

Recap video of day 3:

Roland Harwood, co-founder of 100% Open, tells reporter Sebastiaan about the possibilities of crowdsourcing. “There’s no limit to the problems crowdsourcing can solve.”

Sebastiaan ter Burg interviews Steve Jennings about data and privacy issues and the importance of trust in the new economy. “The technology is only an enabler, that’s it.”

“We have to accept that our data needs to be used to deliver value. Quantified self is going to revolutionize a number of industries. But we have to be able to trust those companies with our data.”

Vasiliki Baka works at the IT University in Copenhagen, were the events is hosted. According to Baka, companies do not use crowdsourcing up to it’s full potential. “Either they use it for customer engagement, or for employee engagement. They need to be more open in general,” she says.

Chris Rowley works for TextMinded: a Danish translation agency. He tells Martijn how they use crowdsourcing to build their business.

Claartje talks to Mick Walvisch. He brought a piece of the Dutch city Haarlem to Denmark. In the interview, he explains how he connects the public and the government with crowdsourced 3D printing of a city.

Dr. Michele Osella

Tom Laine is CEO of Innopinion. His company focusses on three types of crowdsourcing:
1. For employee-engagement (internal proces (like internal innovation or testing)
2. For customer engagement
3. Idea competition and challenges

How does Innopinion work together with organizations? Tom talks to Martijn.

At this event, launches it’s new website! Watch the video and learn all about this international payment platform for crowdsourcing.

Photo credits: Sebastiaan ter Burg