Have you heard about Crowdfarming? Crowdfarming is the agricultural revolution that we have all been waiting for: It connects people with their food again.

The Spanish orange-grower family Úrculo came up with this innovative concept: customers plant their orange trees on site or via the Internet (at an initial setup cost of 80 euro, and then further maintenance costs of 60 euro per annum). The harvest of these trees is then continuously delivered to their homes, orange by orange. It’s a gradual, on-demand service that prevents any over-production as a consumers’ want is steadily and accurately established.

The idea works! Already 3000 people have participated in the crowdfarming concept of “Naranjas del Carmen.”

The symbiotic relationship between online customer and the Úrculo family is a complete win-win: the customer becomes a 2.0 farmer and the Úrculo family benefits from having a sustainable, waste-free, profit-tightening orange farm. No longer is the Úrculo family bounded by the ties to large, conglomerate retail chains.

Plant a tree or adopt a bee family now! The cultivation process is responsible and sustainable. For more information visit www.naranjasdelcarmen.com.