Crowdfunding: Invest, Innovate & Accelerate


A week ago the Crowd Expedition team visited the Crowdsourcingweek Europe in Copenhagen. In Copenhagen we interviewed 20 speakers in 3 days. In this post we share the interviews on the second day. Theme of the day: Crowdfunding: invest, innovate & accelerate. 

Recap video of day 2:

Mads Kjær tells Martijn about a platform to fund entrepreneurs in Africa. The platform was launched seven years ago. An average loan is only about 1000 euro. Mads explains how they tackle problems like finding investors and building trust.

Karsten Wenzlaff of the German Crowdfunding Market tells Martijn everything about crowdfunding in Germany. Which challenges do they have to overcome to make it a success?

Italian lawyer Alessandro Maria Lerro knows a lot about the legal side of crowdfunding. Lerro talks about the necessity of crowdfunding education as well as protection of the crowd.

Michael Eis is the founder of a Danish crowdfunding platform. He tells Martijn everything about the Danish crowdfunding landscap.

Reporter Claartje talks to Martijn Arets (expedition leader of Crowd Expedition) about his lessons learned during his two crowdfunding campaigns. He also introduces his next campaign: a Indiegogo project to crowdfund a trip to… Indiegogo!

Max Valentin of CrowdCulture talks about the importance of a dynamic relationship between the funder and the crowd. And what can crowdfunding mean for the art?

Photo credit: Sebastiaan ter burg


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