Democracies All Over The World


Videos taken by: Ann-Kristin Welsing, Jasmin Böttcher, Kasper Ploegman, and Jelena Gregorius

In order to get a better grasp of democracy all over the world, we asked participants of the World Forum for Democracy to shortly tell us there story. Where are they from, how do they perceive democracy in their country, what are recent developments in their countries regarding democracy, and where do they think their country will be in 10 years regarding democracy in the digital age.

Steve Clift from the US

He talks about the good and bads ways e-democracy can be used. Furthermore, he warns of social exclusion and polarisation.



Youri Vakoulsky from the Netherlands

Youri talks about the project he is involved in “Project Dèmos”, an electronic participatory platform and the current situation of democracy in the Netherlands.



Ulrich Bohner from Germany about France

He is German but lives for 40 years already in Strasbourg, France. His focus lies on direct democracy on a local level in France.



Giacomo Mazzone from Italy

On the day that Silvio Berlusconi was expelled from the Italian parliament, Mr. Mazzone needs some time to think about his perception of democracy in Italy.


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