Do you sometimes feel socially isolated (paradoxically when using social media)?

Whenever Internet addicts feel overwhelmed, stressed, depressed, lonely or anxious, they use the Internet to seek solace and escape. So why not physically isolating yourself for a while in order to overcome psychological isolation?

According to Futurism, a former Facebook executive recently described social media as perpetuating “dopamine feedback loops” that are “ripping apart the social fabric of how society works.” In addition, the World Health Organization plans to add “gaming disorder” to its list of mental health conditions, characterizing some video game use as an addictive behavior. Also, research has shown that smartphone use alters brain chemistry to the point that cognitive and emotional function might be impaired.

All of this is happening because technology is designed to work this way: to hook into the pleasure and reward centers in the brain, capture our attention, and keep us coming back for more. As a result, “digital detox” events and retreats have become a popular function – such as this once-in-lifetime Arctic experience:

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