DutchChain: Dutch Blockchain Hackathon 2017


A lot of companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs in the Netherlands are already taking the first steps into the world of the blockchain, but most of the applications and innovations still revolve around bitcoin, and blockchain applications seldom find their way to consumers or end users.

Shaping a better society through blockchain

There’s a lack of paying customers, which in turn creates a lack of startups, and because the technology is so new, the outcomes are sometimes uncertain, making it too risky for a lot of people in decision-making positions.


The Dutch Blockchain Hackathon wants to bridge the gap between organizations providing cases, and the people able to come up with solutions and help create a network where larger, older organizations from both public and private sector can experiment and work together with other, younger companies and create and scale up really groundbreaking innovations.

Their goal is to involve and strengthen the entire ecosystem of government, corporates, the scientific community, startups, and grownups and really start accelerating Blockchain based solutions. That’s why this Hackathon is a year-round innovation cycle, instead of a 54 hour weekend, to make sure everyone’s on the same page and actively involved, and great ideas to improve society can become a reality.


The World Economic Forum has called blockchain one of the seven potentially most world-changing technologies, with possible uses ranging from healthcare, the food industry, energy, smart industry, all the way to logistics and government.

This is a great opportunity for the Netherlands to be among the worldwide leaders and create new Dutch online multinationals in the process.

They want to take the next step towards innovation and building a better world. By working together, they can really show the rest of the world what we’re able to do here and even turn our blockchain applications into a successful export product.

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