Facebook At Work


Facebook is currently working on a business version of its social network. According to the Financial Times “Facebook at Work” should allow professional users to communicate with colleagues and business contacts and work on documents together. Thus, it would compete with similar platforms such as LinkedIn or Xing.


The structure of the new platform should be similar to the famous Facebook website, including news feeds and groups. However, users will be able to keep their private profile with photos, comments, and videos separate from their work profile. Apparently, Facebook’s employees use the platform for some time as part of their daily work. Since last year, Facebook is working on the implementation of the plan. In the course of the upcoming launches, the platform will currently be tested in several companies.

The new offer is likely to be free. Currently, the use of Facebook is banned in many companies, because it could have a negative impact on employee productivity. With the Business version, that could change. In order to gain a foothold in business, Facebook has to gain their trust. After all that has happened, people expect that no internally communicated and confidential information leaks out. Recently, there was a lot of negative publicity in relation to Facebook’s privacy policies and settings. Especially the recent changes have been criticised because now Facebook allows companies to personalize advertisements even more.


Pictures retrieved from http://cdn.gsmarena.com/pics/14/11/facebook-at-work/gsmarena_001.jpg & http://room214.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/WorkFacebook.jpg


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