Footpath For Smart Phone Addicts


There is a blue shield, which says “First mobile phone sidewalks in China”. This shield shares the sidewalk with a white line in two tracks.

Finally, smartphone addicts can satisfy their need for information and self-display on a path that is reserved for people who do not want to keep their eyes on their surroundings.

That using a smartphone outside on the streets is dangerous is known, but in a big city such as Chongqing, it could be even more dangerous. Therefore, they have created a separate track on the sidewalk for mobile phone users to avoid accidents. „Use at own risk“ it is said in Chinese and English – so it seems that the sidewalk is not as safe as is supposed to be. The sidewalk is new, but the idea is not. National Geographic already started such an experiment months ago in the US. However, only a few people changed the lanes of the sidewalk, when they started using their smartphones.

Even the users of the „Chinese Twitter“ called Weibo were very much amused when they heard the big news. Some people think the sidewalk has a future and for others, it is just a tourist attraction. We will see what the future brings.


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