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As we all know Shareable is a great website with great authors. Recently Cat Johnson has written an article about the 100 Sharing Rockstars to Follow on Twitter.

Ronald van den Hoff, founding father of Society 3.0 and CEO of was mentioned in the list as well, besides other great and inspiring people such as Neal Gorenflo and Rachel Botsman. His concept of coworking was selected as one of the best coworking spaces around the globe.

Besides that, the book Society 3.0, written by Ronald van den Hoff, was chosen as number 1 of the best books to read in Spring 2014 about the sharing economy and community.

“Ronald van den Hoff knows something about how people connect to create new global paradigms and the effect these connections have on our emerging economy”. His book, which has already been a huge success in the Netherlands, is about „knowmads“ (nomadic knowledge workers), open value networks and about the fact that financial crises have shaped our way of working and our education system.


For Ronald van den Hoff coworking and sharing are not only trends within our society. They will form a different one – a Society 3.0.


  1. Society 3.0 is a must READ for all the Changemakers on this planet!
    Seats2meet Utrecht where i am working right now is one of the most inspiring co work spaces in the world… a real serendepity machine as they call it…. check out how you can help Society 3.0!


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