Free Coworking Growing Rapidly Fueled by Open Collaboration


Recently I collaborated with Cat Johnson of Shareable on an article about free co-working. As some of my readers know, ‘free’ is not always ‘free’ as in ‘free lunch’. Ok, at our locations you don’t pay by Euros or Dollars, but still you pay by social capital for your workspace. This social capital is the knowledge you have to share. When you book your seat you will tell realtime our SerendipityMachine (TSM), thus the S2M Mesh of networked visitors, what you have to share. You can check this out on TSM for our Utrecht location (mind the possible time difference!).

So this way, we make any (free-co working) physical space a 3rd space: virtuality and reality blur. We have created a stage where unexpected , but relevant (so serendipitous) meeting take place. Visitors have unexpected relevant encounters at our locations. And the open collaboration is flourishing.

So, how do we make money in the end? Within our active and professional Mesh new project groups are formed, new business are created, jobs are given by corporations. Those new organizations need collaboration- and event software, office space and meeting spaces. Out of reciprocity this business is awarded to Seats2meet. In real Euro’s, Dollars, Rupees or Yen…that is how we monetize on our Mesh.

Read the full article here.

The whole concept of monetizing on the Mesh is explained in my latest book Society30. Download here.


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