Freedom VS Control – The Way Forward!


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Strasbourg 2015, the Word Forum for Democracy opens its doors to host the annual event on the state of the art of democracy. More than 1500 participants from over 150 countries will join the debate on Freedom vs Control. The Society 3.0 reporters will keep you updated.

The forum has never been so topical, set in the aftermath of the recent attacks in Paris and the strong reactions worldwide.

How will democracy proceed? Will governments reassure the people that they are in control, and safeguard society without taking measures that curtail the individual freedom of its citizens?

Freedom vs Control 

Democracies across the world feel increasingly vulnerable to a diverse range of threats – from violent extremism to economic, technological, environmental and geopolitical risks. Fear, and particularly the fear generated by violent attacks such as those carried out in Paris, Copenhagen and in other parts of the world, destabilise societies. The lack of guarantees for the protection of personal data sharpens anxieties. In this context, the growing tension between the concern for safety and the protection of freedoms is one of the key challenges facing democracies today.

How to maintain a balance between security and freedom in a democratic society under threat? Can democracies resist the escalation of fear and formulate responses based on civic responsibility and active citizenship? Can they deal effectively with security risks linked to the digital revolution without jeopardising individual rights and freedoms, the benefits of the digital revolution and democratic institutions? [source: World Forum for Democracy]

Society 3.0 bloggers covering the Forum

Society 3.0 will cover the World Forum for Democracy and its outcomes starring international students from the Windesheim Honours College as reporters. On a daily basis, we keep you updated with the latest news and reflect on the debates. Coverage will include short stories, news clips and in-depth interviews. The project is a co-creation of the World Forum for Democracy, Society 3.0, the Windesheim Honours College, and the Social Innovation Lab partnering up to investigate the changing paradigm of democracy and get the message across to an international public.

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