A splendid thing: If you sit in front of your computer and click on “Google Maps Street View” you can check your district and do not even need to leave the house for it.

However, only a few people know that a look behind the facade is possible in many houses with only one mouse click. “Business View” is Google’s new tool and this is – as the name suggests – mainly for businesses.

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In Bremen, Germany, many stores, and restaurants already make use of this tool. Who clicks from “Street View” on a house facade can immediately check the store from the with brilliant-resolution 360-degree photographs.

To appear on „Business View“ costs approx. 150 euros and a few weeks later the pictures can be seen online.

The tool is should mainly target the young generation. Those interested can use it with the keywords “Google Maps Business View“. A Google spokesperson said that there are also local photographers listed that are able to take the Street View pictures.

Picture retrieved from Google