Eriko Kojima is S2M Operator at LEAGUE in Tokyo, Japan. The location recently celebrated its first birthday. On the occasion of this birthday, Ms. Kojima was so nice to give us a short interview.

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When did you open your location?

Eriko Kojima: „On the 18th of February 2013.“

How was the opening of your location?

Eriko Kojima: „Our opening event took place at the Dutch embassy. Ronald van den Hoff from Seats2meet, Professor Konno, Mr. Kuroda from KOKUYO, Mr. Nakagawa from UDS attended as well as the Ambassador of the Netherlands. Besides that, they all gave a speech. The participants were highly impressed by the Dutch method of thinking and new working style in the future. In the afternoon, we had an opening party at LEAGUE with over 100 guests. It was a very nice opening moment.“

How did it feel when your location turned 1 year old?

Eriko Kojima: “Many interesting workers are gathering at LEAGUE. Every day we have new serendipity between users. Their fields are so broad: web, video, PR, gaming, writers, art, architecture, coaching, SNS etc. Recently, three different tenants (web marketing, SNS, video maker) who used our “personal booth” decided to rent “serviced office room” together. They thought it is interesting for them to work together in the same room, which is nice serendipity experience at LEAGUE. I like the relaxing friendly atmosphere in our community.”

What do you think is the key to the success of your location?

Eriko Kojima: „That we tell each user about our concept and that we explain it very well. “LEAGUE is the place to connect with future business friends”. We encourage users to connect with others and we ourselves often ask them to join our projects as well.“

What are your main goals for the future?

Eriko Kojima: “We want more interesting projects to occur between LEAGUE users. Furthermore, we want to open new locations of LEAGUE in Japan and overseas.“


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Thank you very much, Eriko Kojima, for your time and your answers! We wish you and LEAGUE all the best!


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