Infographic: 5 Most Converting Landing Page Call-To-Action Designs


Remember the times you signed up for a Google account? Or that other time when you subscribed to Spotify? Or the day you installed Evernote on your computer?

If it weren’t for their well-designed landing page and call-to-action, you probably would have turned away and consider other options. What I’m trying to say is, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of landing pages and Call-to-Actions (CTAs) in commercial websites.

Having landing page and CTA is super trivial and fundamental for any commercial website that many companies are hesitant to invest more effort into them. Emphasis on the word “invest” there.

Landing pages are a crucial part in your conversion funnel because it’s the final gateway before a visitor converts into a lead. In that regards, investing more effort into creating a landing page that engages visitor is a recommended move when it comes to running a website for your business.

Breandbeyond created an infographic that highlights 5 of the most-used landing page and CTA designs on the internet. This infographic breaks down each of these landing page designs to show you the importance of each element in it and why it works that way. Check it out:


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