Do you find it difficult to show empathy at work? You’re not alone because there are a number of factors that make the office environment a difficult place to show empathy.

These factors include being busy, frustrated, and feeling social distance from your coworkers. Even if you have a high emotional intelligence, you may still need to work at showing empathy.

However, there are things you can do to actively improve your empathy at work. Activities like reading, traveling, and learning new skills can boost empathy. Furthermore, there are some subtle actions you can take that will go a long way towards coming across as more empathic to your colleagues. GetCRM has put together a visual which features these tips, such as:

• Actively listening and refraining from interrupting.
• Smiling more often and being aware of other non-verbal communication.
• Using peoples’ names when addressing them.
• Asking others for their opinions during problem solving.
• Multitasking less and focusing during meetings and conversations with coworkers.
• Encouraging others and supporting new ideas.
• Opening up more and sharing more of your personality.
• Asking more questions and showing more interest in the ideas of others.
• And more.

These simple behaviors can make a tremendous difference in how empathetic you are at work. Showing empathy can be especially important if you’re in a managerial position as a Businessolver study revealed that 40% of employees would work longer hours for an empathic manager.

Even if you’re not in a managerial role, showing empathy at work will help you build better relationships with your colleagues which will make more enjoyable and engaging.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about how you can boost your empathy in the workplace:

Infographic: 20 Ways To Improve Empathy At Work