How To Spend Your First And Last Moments At Work


As a busy entrepreneur or professional, creating mindful habits at the start and end of your work day will benefit not only your performance but your overall work-life balance.

Instead of getting overwhelmed with a long list of to-do’s and requests, shift your mindset. Use the first fifteen minutes of your morning to check in with yourself, organize and prioritize your day. Use the last fifteen minutes to set yourself up for success the next morning, wrap up miscellaneous tasks and most importantly, disconnect from your devices.

Making tweaks to your daily routine can help you build long-lasting, sustainable habits that will enable you to be the best employee, boss or entrepreneur both inside and outside of the office. Fundera created an infographic of 10 ways to start and end your workday.

Read on for helpful tips to empowers yourself and take control of your time and schedule:


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