Clever work. Building a toolset out of frustration and making it a service. Jason Fried of 37 Signals of Basecamp fame, did it. Know Your Company is the tool he built for himself and can now be used bij other companies with growth issues. Fried became frustrated when his company had more than 30 people working. 

“I noticed it became much harder for me to stay current on how my team felt about our company, the vision, the direction, the work, the culture, etc. I needed these insights in order to make the right decisions about the company. But I didn’t have them. I had to know my people better. If you don’t know your people, you don’t know your company. And if you don’t know your company, your days are numbered.”

He started working on software and a system that was lightweight, that was based on asking questions, that was a combination of automated, and face-to-face with his team. It works very well, he says. And now he’s ready to sell it to other companies that want to hand over 100 dollars a person. Are you interested? More info here and tell us if it works for you!

(Picture MrNoded)