Like A Local: The 10 Best Apps For Your Vacation


The whole year we only have nothing but one goal: holiday. The Internet has already done a lot: offering cheap flights, more choices for accommodation and independent reviews. But there is also an increasing number of apps and websites, which aim to personalize our holiday experience and make you feel like a local.

Sightseeing 🏰

Everyone can do a city tour in a double-decker bus, but telling someone you did a Street Art Tour through Berlin, café hopping in Vienna or a sailing trip with champagne brunch past the Statue of Liberty is much cooler. The website for that is Get Your Guide, which offers thousand different tours and activities all around the globe.

Accommodation 🏕

We know that Airbnb is not new. However, many people do not know that there is another search option with which you will find special accommodations worldwide. To find out ASAP whether the desired destination offers such an extravagant home, just use the filter option “object type.”

Giving back 🌱

You think that simply traveling is too hedonistic? Then might be the right app for you. WWOOF stands for “World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.” It connects volunteers with organic farms around the globe. You can either move from farm to farm or simply help out somewhere for a week.

Moving around 🚲

Like Airbnb for bicycles – this is how can probably be described best. Because through the website and app you can borrow bikes from individuals, which has the advantage that it is cheaper than the usual bicycle rental. Moreover, the models offered on the app look much cooler.

Having fun 🗽

With the app Stray Boots, you can explore a district with a scavenger hunt. One example is in Chinatown, New York: you get a small set of tasks such as “Try a dumpling at Mister Wong” or questions like “What do Chinese seafood shops keep in their big black buckets?” (Answer: 🐸). By that, you learn a lot about the area and get in touch with locals.

Going out 🎉

PartyWith: The purpose of the app is exactly what it sounds like: to connect users for a night out.

Exploring hidden places 🗺

Spotted by Locals offer guides with information of locals. By using the app you discover many hidden places including shops, cafés or flea markets. FYI: The maps also work offline.

Exchanging apartments 🏘

If you do not have a problem when strangers are staying in your home, you can save a lot of money. On Intervac you will find like-minded people. The exchange partner then might live in a beautiful loft in the middle of Berlin, and you get the opportunity to live on a ranch in Canada.

Discovering new things 🌇

The app Field Trip runs in the background and checks via GPS when you approach a point of interest. You will then be alerted if something interesting to explore is close to your location.

Sharing meals 🥘

Want to dine in an unknown city in a friendly company at someone’s home provides precisely this service: to bring together tourists with locals who cook in their homes for others – for a relatively small price.


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