Lucas Hamming’s Mind-Blowing 360-Degree Video


The latest video of the Amsterdam-based singer Lucas Hamming was shot with a 360° camera in Rotterdam. Those who watch the 360° clip via the YouTube app on a smartphone can tap, click, or drag the video to change the viewing angle and see the action happening all around them.

This is the first truly amazing Dutch 360° video and another important step toward the future of virtual reality. Not only was the concert filmed during Hamming’s club tour, but also the preparation before the show. Especially for those who were not able to join his tour can still see how it was – and also watch the concert from the band’s perspective.

On the 28th of March, Lucas Hamming won the 3FM Serious Talent Award. His next big gig takes place on the 1st of May (Labour Day) in the Oosterpark in Amsterdam.


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