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In April 2011 the (Dutch) book Society 3.0 was published. In that year it became one of the best selling management books in the Netherlands. Combined with more than 50.000 downloads it is a story that gets you. Now there is the English updated version and we are ready to conquer the world with the story of Society 3.0.

Society 3.0: Mastering the Global Transition on Our Way to on Our Way to the Next Step in Human Evolution investigates the myriad of financial crises plaguing our society today, as well as their effects on the future of work and education. Ronald van de Hoff also describes the need for (and emergence of) a knowledgedriven civilization, marked by accelerating change, value networks, and “knowmads,” the nomadic knowledge workers of the future. Monetizing on the Mesh is the final theme explored in this book. Open value networks replace value chains, reality and virtuality are blurring. People get what they need from each other and may go around your organization, unless the crowd becomes part of your organization. Business models are changing. How do you connect with potential clients who may never become paying clients in the end? What is social capital? How do you create sustainable monetization with your own Mesh?

Organize your own Society 3.0 launch event:
Next to the events initiated and/or organized by the Society 3.0 foundation you can launch the book during your own event. You have to request by explaining in short WHY, for WHICH public and WHEN you’d like to organise this event. In return you’ll get the following tools to help you to realize it:

  1. Your own printed copy of the Society 3.0 book (you can order more copies )
  2. Voucher code to download the Society 3.0 ePub for free for all the attendees (normal price $10)
  3. Presentation kit
  4. Press kit

Requests via vincent at society30 dot com.

Society 3.0
Get the book Society 3.0!


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