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The last look before going to sleep is dedicated to your smartphone – and the first look while waking up as well. Who of my friends are currently online? Has anyone sent a message yet or posted a new photo? What about the world and how is the weather today? The Internet offers anytime entertainment and proximity to other people. That sounds perfect but is not perfect for your health and your personal well-being.


Every second person has a smartphone constantly in the pocket – everywhere and anytime. A third of Germans go online every free minute. Four out of five Internet users are using at least one social network. The Internet satisfies a human need for loyalty and respect, and it helps to overcome distances and creates community. Although the Internet is a writing medium, it operates under rules of morality. However, one must learn to resist. For example, in the processing of email: You should not open e-mail as soon as it arrives. You treat it like an old-fashioned letter, but you answer immediately, which is unnatural. Unlike a letter, e-mails arrive more than just once a day.

The problem is not the technology itself, but the use of technology. This should be more responsible and confident. Partial or complete digital abstinence is supported by special programs. They are called as Breath, Time Out or WorkRave and show the user to know when to take a break. This is to protect against Repetitive Stress Injuries and tired eyes (Computer Vision Syndrome).

An extremely intensive smartphone use goes hand in hand with stress. This is the result of an investigation made by two Dutch psychologists called Daantje Derks and Arnold Bakker. They found out that employees are committed today to answer in their leisure time on the professional news. “The smartphone will make sure that the work is taken home.” This mixing goes hand in hand with physical and mental stress, fatigue and poor sleep. “The goal must be to deal consciously with the smartphone,” says Anne Katrin Hoppe. “During leisure time, it should be okay to not be always attainable.”

Thus, try to not use your smartphone that often. It has a negative impact on your health and on your personal stress level.


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