Society 3.0 – Ronald van den Hoff

Our society is changing and you need to be part of that. We want to give you the stories, showcases and in depth articles to inspire you about this Society 3.0. In the world as we see it, access is more important than ownership. That means that we are more than willing to share our stories with you. We have written our vision down in the book Society 3.0 and are contributing to that on a daily basis with this magazine. As we speak new social and technical developments are born. Next to this book you find all the Society 3.0 publications below.

The Serendipity Machine – Sebastian Olma

The notion of serendipity is not new to business thinking. The importance of unexpected conversations and knowledge exchange in innovation has been noted in the management literature for many years. What is new is actually building a business –  a machine –  that systematically facilitates serendipity. This book presents a disruptive business model that allows you to do exactly that. It is based on a study of, the network of physical coworking, office and meetingspaces.

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Knowmad Society – John Moravec

This book explores the future of learning, work and how we relate with each other in a world where we are now asked to design our own futures. Key topics covered include: reframing learning and human development; required skills and competencies; rethinking schooling; flattening organizations; co-creating learning; and new value creation in organizations. Ronald van den Hoff wrote a chapter in this book. “IT SEEMS AS IF IT IS TIME FOR A REVOLUTION, OR INNOVATION. WHAT WE REALLY NEED IS ANINNOVUTION!”

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Ecosystem-for-Business-Evert-Jan-van-Hasselt-and-Pauline-Romanesco2Ecosystem for business – Evert Jan van Hasselt & Pauline Romanesco

An ant is a relatively dumb creature. But many ants together form a very clever whole. A human being is a rather intelligent creature. However, if many humans are put together, a very foolish whole is often the result!

“The authors have succeeded in giving a concise and clear explanation of the reasons why and the ways in which a different form of organizing and working is necessary and possible. It is a fine contribution to the great transition we are facing.” Herman Wijffels Professor of Sustainability and Societal Change, former Executive Director at the World Bank

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AI30-boek-3D-e1434888353795-1014x1024Appreciative Inquiries of the 3.0 kind – Cees Hoogendijk

Appreciative Inquiry addresses a human art, involving conversational craftsmanship. It takes specific, carefully chosen words, questions, gestures and of course deep listening to help conversations being generative, appreciative and empowering. The good news is that the instrument called language is in reach of everybody on our planet. Imagine everyone would encounter his or her fellow citizen ‘the AI way’… together building the sharing Society 3.0.”

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Other books & publications


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Travel to Learn (Erik van ‘t Klooster) DOWNLOAD
The Influence of Cultural Distance on Competence Development in Educational Travel

The aim of this research was to work towards a competence framework for educational travel and how the learning of competencies was related to overcoming cultural differences in a globalizing world.


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Trendrapport creative learning lab 2014  (Waag Society, Dutch only) DOWNLOAD
Creative Learning Lab heeft sinds januari 2014 een samenwerking met de Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen. Deze uitgave is het eerste trendrapport van CLL en draagt het thema DIY en maken in het onderwijs.



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Worker cooperatives: Pathways to scale (Hilary Abell) DOWNLOAD

This report greatly advances the conversation in the field and helps set the stage for the next phase of worker cooperative development and community wealth building.



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Global spaces for local entrepreneurship (Marcela Ramirez-Pasillas) DOWNLOAD
Stretching clusters through networks and international trade fairs




Schermafdruk 2014-08-12 13.33.10Surveying the New World of Work (Joslyn Faust) DOWNLOAD
The Freelancer Model for Enterprises: Drivers & Difficulties

More than ever before, freelancers are allowing businesses to close skill gaps and efficiently meet fluctuations in demand. But with these new trends have come new challenges, and the need for innovative solutions for hiring, managing and paying an extended workforce.


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Oasis way and the post-normal era (Ilkka Kakko) DOWNLOAD
How understanding serendipity will lead to success

 This book is based on the experiences taken from “netWork Oasis” and “Open INNO” projects. It will describe the revolutionary change in our society and business fields that produces a transforming effect also on our innovation environments.