As the sharing economy evolves, we’re seeing a new paradigm with platforms that rely on sponsorships, points, gifts, social interactions, and other forms of exchange to sustain their business models. At the macro level, what exactly is value? How can it be exchanged? What’s different about these businesses? Do they work? And how will these models change over time?

At December 18 the Crowd Expedition team visited in San Francisco the event ‘Sharers Talks: Redefining Value with the Sharing Economy’.


  • Neal Gorenflo, Co-founder of Shareable
  • Gee-Hwan Chuang, Co-founder of Listia
  • Darin Peterson, Founder of Common Change,
  • Kendra Shanly, co-founder of Bay Bucks
  • Jennifer Billock, CEO Couchsurfing.
Moderated by: Chelsea Rustrum, Co-author of It’s a Shareable Life
You can check the recording of this event below.

Don’t forget to check the beautiful pictures Sebastiaan made during this event: