First, some context. Last fall, we helped organize 60 map jams with local sharing groups from around the world. These inspiring local teams mapped the sharing solutions in their communities. We thought that the next logical step for growing local sharing movements would be to bring together the leaders behind each solution mapped.

Shortly after the success of the global #mapjam, we began asking Sharing Cities Network members if they wanted to host ShareFests in the spring to unify local sharing groups and launch their local sharing movement. The response was incredibly positive. Today, 20 Sharing Cities Network teams in 20 cities have committed to host ShareFests with another 20 in the wings (sign up here).

In addition, our partners are also hosting big sharing events. OuiShare, People Who Share, Peers, Center for New American Dream, New Economy Coalition, and more all have big events planned for the spring.

And, without any prompting from anyone, we learned that scores of groups from all over including Austin, Eugene, Asheville, Denver, Boston, Baltimore, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Bristol, UK plus more were already organizing major sharing events. As two examples, Seoul city government is hosting a global grand opening of their Metropolitan International Training Institute under the theme of Sharing Cities: Solutions for Better Cities. And we learned that a team in Christ Church, New Zealand is working to rebuild the city as a model sharing city after an earthquake nearly wiped it out.

Through our work, we realized that there are probably many more sharing events planned than we can identify. And that a set of actions much bigger than any one group can organize is emerging autonomously from the grassroots.

We’ve started to call all this action the #SharingSpring…

For more information and the full article written by Neal Gorenflo visit Shareable