Sustainability is a topic of global importance. In the last years, we noticed the progressing climate change: floods all over Europe and even more forest fires in North America than ever before.

There is a lot to do if we want to keep the world as it is for our descendants. Sustainability stands for equality and justice because every generation and society has the right for the same amount of resources. The world population is growing and the amount of resources is decreasing. It is important that every country is developing a separate political concept for sustainability. However, it is more important to begin in a small way. Every person should make a contribution – every idea counts.

A few days ago the biggest bottle bridge in the world has been created and introduced in Timisoara, Rumania. The project should draw attention to our consumer society and the huge amounts of plastic waste that ends up in our waters. The bridge is 23 meters long and is built out of 157.000 plastic bottles. Around 500 persons helped to build the bridge. Maybe this bridge will even get in the Guinness Book of World Records. Even if it is just a small contribution, it is possible that this idea will lay the foundation for a soon changing society.