Society 3.0: Roadmap for a Global Sharing Transformation


When I quit my job as a corporate strategist in 2004 to pursue a new life based on sharing and collaboration, it was not the result of any external observation. It was something I felt in my bones — long hours, strained relationships, loss of a sense of place, and cutthroat competition were not making me happy, and I suspected neither were they contributing to a healthier world.

As I embarked on a new life of building relationships, cultivating a sharing economy and ultimately launching Shareable, I didn’t have a road map. But, by opening up my life to a new way of being, things just started happening — resources appeared, and new, more collaborative, effective, and fulfilling ways of doing things emerged. I began to see that others were thinking along the same lines, and that other ways of doing business, from car sharing to open source software, were emerging all around me, much of it enabled by network technology.

Over the last decade, the full picture of the shortcomings of our bureaucratized, centralized power structures — both corporate and governmental — have become manifest. We’ve experienced a global financial meltdown. We’ve watched institutions so corrupt, so handicapped by their own weight and narrow, short-term interests, that they’re powerless to solve the problems that they create.

Now, with the newly updated and English-translation (from the original in Dutch) release of Ronald van den Hoff’s Society 3.0

Read the full article written by Neal Gorenflo here:


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