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My favorite topics as a public speaker are Trends & Strategy, Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Decentralized Value Networks, Blue Ocean, Disruptive Business Modelling, Web 3.0, Social Media, Enterprise 3.0, Collaboration 3.0, Geo Branding, the Corporate Story Model, Government 3.0, The Serendipity, The Passport, and last but not least Society 3.0.

About keynote speaker Ronald van den Hoff


Ronald van den Hoff is co-founder of the Dutch CDEF Holding BV, a Holding company with a remarkable range of ventures operating on the disruptive intersection of the Hospitality-Tech. CDEF incorporates ‘much discussed’, disruptive exponential formulas, like the co-working and meeting centers, and the Society 3.0 Foundation., with over 220 locations worldwide, has become an interactive breeding ground for inspiration, innovation, entrepreneurship acceleration, cross-linking and cross-pollination. S2M is also the online development lab, not only creating our in-house software and apps, but also Artificial Intelligence software like ‘The Serendipity Machine’.

A publishing company, The Society 3.0 Foundation, completes this range of innovative ventures. In April 2011 this Society 3.0 Foundation published Ronald’s book Society 3.0, creating a context for all CDEF’s activities. This Society 3.0 foundation is a movement, a guiding light and a change agent in our ever-dynamic world. Its activities, books, publications, events and websites are the visualization and exploration of the vision and mission of the CDEF Holding. In addition to his work within CDEF Holding BV, Ronald works on innovation with (international) hotel chains and other service companies in the field of E-commerce, E-communication, Business Modeling, Value Networks, Exponential Organizations, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, Social capital and alternative monetary systems.

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“I just wanted to personally thank you for joining us in Dubai.  Ronald, you are truly, truly inspiring and you have a great sense of fun.  Thank you so very much and we hope to be able to do some amazing things together in the future.  The GMs did not stop buzzing about your presentation.”  Angie Hall (Partner,

“The audience of the NIMA Marketing Day 2017 rated your presentation with a 8.43 (scale 1-10).  With this rating you belonged to the best speakers of the day…” Rachella Boere ( Project Manager)

“Thank you again for participating in the speaking programme at the ICMA “Classifieds in a Sharing Economy” conference in Berlin. Having collected the results from the delegate feedback forms I am delighted to inform you that your presentation rating received an overall of 4.53out of a maximum 5.0 rating which was one of our highest evaluation results. In addition, 100% of delegates felt the topic was relevant and that they learnt something new which is a fantastic outcome.”  Hannah Worrall (Events & Communications Manager)

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Speaker Fee

You transfer €2500,- excl. VAT to the Society 3.0 Foundation, a foundation which helps people and organizations to overcome the obstacles they encounter on their path to Society 3.0. For that amount of money Ronald or one of the Society30 Ambassadors will give a lecture of 30 min – 1hr.

Society 3.0 in real life

Visit the award winning disruptive business model concept flagship location in Utrecht (the Netherlands): One of our most disruptive and succesfull ventures is the hospitality cowork-, meeting and office concept A visit and tour of our S2M Flagship location in Utrecht is possible. The location manager will give you a brief explanation of the concept. Contact location for details.The visit to S2M Utrecht can be enhanced by a presentation of one of the Society 3.0 speakers.

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