1.4 Our mission: access is more important than possession; the personal is global


    Let’s connect the world of the old system, at least the salvageable parts, with these new power centers. I think the key to new added value (that will help us recover from this crisis) lies here. We are growing in spurts into an interdependent economy, in which the old economy’s scarcity is transformed into collective abundance. We need a new democratic model for this, one in which we work together in a different manner. Nouveau work. And, we accomplish this within open and non-hierarchical organizational structures.

    We all join network organizations that are in harmony with their environment, which results in sustainable operational processes. New social software will make this all possible. Individuals present and organize themselves on the Internet, and, in this manner, they get in touch with like-minded people. Naturally, their communication is multilingual because the Internet can translate (literally). Groups can work together, grow organizationally, and merge. All the social software is accessible through the Internet, and is largely free of charge. No more investing in hardware and software; instead, using subscriptions in which one only pays for services used.

    In this way, access becomes more important than possession, which is illustrative for society as a whole.

    The people of today and tomorrow, and the more classic people of yesterday and today, depend on each other to create sustainable value. In this way, the social virtual network acts as the mobile cement of this new creation of value. People from Society 3.0 still want to work with you and each other, but no longer under the terms of employment. They work in different teams for different clients simultaneously. One moment they consult as an expert, the other they experience the role of a customer.

    The added value of tomorrow arises from the mobility of people, knowledge, and energy. It arises from people who strive for the same goal from within their social network structures. The knowledge that is shared results in new knowledge, and thus, new added value. The energy and interpretation that is involved with this turns “the plush human being” into a valued member of the new tribe again, and the tribe is part of a society that is a nice place in which to live – for everyone, anywhere in the world, at home, and far away. The personal is global. As far as I am concerned, this is the new perspective. It is a beckoning perspective.

    On average, we are not that mobile anymore. On the road to that beautiful interdependent Society 3.0, you and I will have to learn to walk again. By trial and error, we will have to think about the necessary, fundamental changes in our society. We must learn to view our social problems in a new light. Generally, we will have to learn to treat each other, live together, and share together in new ways. How will you learn to love that new mobility if you remain stationary? I think that is the main question we need to ask ourselves now, at the start of the 21st century. The right answer will bring us a new Golden Age, but this one will include everybody.