1.5 Note from the author


    This book is a snapshot. As we speak, or while reading this book, new social and technical developments are born. This book has an end, but the ideas of a Society30 do not stop here. Recent developments, discussions, and meetings take place on the book’s website: www.society30.com. On this platform, the content of this book is evaluated, contradicted, deepened, and extended. You will also find apps, games, and general information, in addition to the lists of all resources consulted.

    To my readers, I have to apologize up front: I am aware that, in certain cultures, it is inappropriate to criticize publicly your country, government, organizations, and people. However, being Dutch, I have a tendency to be very direct, as you may have noticed while reading the first pages of this book. And, too many institutions and their people have lost their credit in my eyes, so please forgive my inclination to “call a spade a spade.”

    In a sense, this book is the result of a value network. In our Seats2meet.com ecosystem, there are many active innovators who develop new ideas on a daily basis, and the incubation of projects and new companies prosper due to many actors, some of whom I know through social media and their stories. Actually, these people are my co-creators: their books, blog stories, and tweets inspired me. Their questions and reactions to my blog postings kept me sharp. Many experts, like Joe Pine, John Moravec, Sebastian Olma, Cees Hoogendijk, and Marco Derksen have been interviewed by me or acted as verbal sparring partners. A production team of knowmads (or independent professionals) assisted me in the basics of publishing a book. Thank you Vincent, Elise, Anne-Kee, Ferhaan, and Albertine. And Cees Hoogendijk for the (un)grateful task of coaching me and editing the initial Dutch version of this book and Chloe Taipale with John Moravec for being our English editors.

    The production team used many software products from our Cyberdigma Lab, where specialists like Wouter, Dennis, and Nancy, complemented by a team of independent professionals like Erik, Horst, Peter, and many others, make great stuff every day.

    All in all, there are many people who have added something vital to this Society30 value network – too many to mention them all. There are my daily sources of inspiration: my colleagues from the Seats2meet.com organization (operating under the inspiring leadership of Linda and Marloes) and all its stakeholders, whom I meet daily, in real life, and virtually on the Web. I give special thanks to my business associate, Mrs. Marielle Sijgers, with whom I have had the pleasure of a successful collaboration for more than 15 years. Finally, there is my wife, with whom I try to coach three adolescents who are permanently gaming, Facebook-ing, and What’s App-ing, on their way to Society30.

    I wish you, my readers, inspiration, wisdom, health, and hope while reading this book!

    Ronald van den Hoff
    The Netherlands,
    Spring 2014.


    This book was first published in Dutch in 2011. This international version was translated, updated, and partially rewritten in the summer and fall of 2013.

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