15.1 Social and transactional business, Concept 3.0


    Organization 3.0 excels in renewal, in particular in its own organization. In order to (continuously) generate new value, they employ business models with exotic names, like peer-production, wikinomics, co-creation, co-branding, and brand detachment. I will explain these terms in later on. Obviously, this list is not restrictive. Today, people are working in Society 3.0 toward the business model of tomorrow.

    Naturally, in the value networks of The Mesh, we work differently than we are used to in the old value chains. It is the alliance with all stakeholders and the organization that enables us to solve problems, create new ideas, communicate one-on-one, and use new feedback loops, resulting in sustainable products and services in ways that have never been done before.

    Let me reiterate: Organization 3.0 communicates with its stakeholders. Stakeholder engagement without mutual, two-way communication is impossible. The transactional business concepting of Organization 3.0 incorporates stakeholders in all aspects of the product and service development, using the social business concepting as the playground to achieve this. Every connection and every kind of collaboration is possible. Almost all communication has become reciprocal, and thus interactive, as the word “communication” was once defined. Gamification is used to enhance stakeholder engagement. Solutions, like the real-time dashboard of our Serendipity Machine, can be extremely useful here as it creates an environment where the virtual world and reality blur, causing stakeholder knowledge to flow. Thus the social business design has become as important as the traditional transactional side of the business.

    Using new business models, the old communication laws are becoming obsolete. We are no longer talking about the use of social media, but about “becoming social.” 3.0 organizations professionally and officially, employ the use of new social media. They do not do this off the cuff; they do it based on their social business concept.

    Having said that, it is about time that we forget also about the separation between social and transactional, but for the sake of clarity, I will discuss these topics one after the other.