3.14 How (real time) relevant are my network friends?


    The strategic positions in networks are of a generic nature: a gatekeeper is a gatekeeper to everybody. But that does not mean he has to be relevant to you. And by relevant, I mean in relation to the topic or theme that I’m dealing with. Imagine I am looking for somebody who knows about logistic processes in France. The gateways “logistics” or “France” are of greater importance, and thus are more relevant, than the amount of possible connections someone can make for me.

    Most networks won’t help you further than filter someone’s job, position, or trade. I find that totally inadequate. Container concepts like “marketer” or “CEO” mean nothing to me. Besides, most self-employed professionals cannot match their qualifications in these pre-defined profile boxes. All information concerning a person, including his or her behavior in the network, should be able to serve as a search option.

    Within our Seats2meet.com ecosystem, we operate with a digital DNA structure. For instance, Seats2meet.com visitors, when reserving their work-spaces, use keywords (or tags) to show what they are involved in and which specific knowledge they have to share. This real-time information is part of their social capital payment.

    Also, all events have been provided with the same tagging system. Someone’s S2M-DNA is just as dynamic as it is current. So, if I want to search through the S2M Serendipity Machine dashboards with the keywords “logistics” and “France,” the system will present me with all network members whose DNA contain these keywords. That makes it easy to make real-time, relevant connections. This unexpected relevance (serendipity) of meeting the right people at the right time and place becomes leading in the booking-selection of workspaces. So, it is no longer necessary to offer a network of physical locations throughout a geographical area like hotel chains do, for example. People can now be led, if you as a physical location owner, “have the right people available” to meet their peers.

    This unexpected real-time relevance through meeting other people at Seats2meet.com locations is part of our Serendipity Machine, and creates an unbelievably strong competitive advantage.

    We share the Serendipity Machine with any physical location where people come together, such as museums, theaters, retail shops, airplanes, events, and more.